Core values

We are known and respected for our strength and capability to deliver industry leading performance in the markets we serve.

Throughout the flow from producer to consumer, from the sourcing of the products, the logistics and delivery to the final point of sale of our products, we strive to find efficiencies and innovative solutions to ensure that we deliver the best service, highest quality of products and cutting edge business practices and market penetration.

We have cultivated a dynamic, entrepreneurial climate at West Shefford which sees that our experienced network of industry professionals are constantly looking for fresh, innovative ways to add value for our partners, be they suppliers or customers.  We also work closely with various trade bodies to create and develop new trade opportunities and market access for our suppliers.

With our logistics partners and network of contacts in various industries we identify synergies and opportunities that we can leverage in order to deliver industry leading service and competitiveness.

Our senior people have many years of experience and over the years they have formed strong relationships with some of the world’s biggest protein producers, processors and importers.  The advantage of this is not just access to procure and place large volumes of high quality product but the truly global perspective and insight that this affords West Shefford.  After all, information is what makes our success possible and without which we would not be able to return our supply partners the market insight and service that we do.  Such global knowledge of trends and prices, product variations and advantages and logistics efficiencies means we offer great value to our clients.

At the core of our business is the belief in doing things with 100% energy and conviction.  We don’t profess to be the leading exporter to every meat importing country in the world, nor do we aspire to be.  Instead, what we are known and respected for is our strength and capability to deliver industry leading performance in those markets that we do serve.

This is why our partners choose to work with West Shefford; what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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